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  • What is WiFLiX?
    At Wiflix, we're revolutionizing the way local communities harness the power of technology. Our mission is to provide innovative, reliable, and affordable solutions that help you stay connected and thrive in today's digital world.
  • How does the WiFLiX platform work?
    WiFLiX provides you a super fast network where you can stream and download digital content at a low data cost. WiFLix Wi-Fi can be accessed through various carefully situated hotspots within Mukono.
  • Where can I access the WiFLiX hotspots?
    WiFLix hotspots are situated in the various locations below; 1. Campus Cafe 2. Bobics - ( More hotspot locations to be added)
  • How do I connect to a WiFLix Hotspot?
    Connection to a WiFLiX hotstop is easy, simply switch on your wifi and connect to our network "WiFLiX" after which you will be automatically redirected to our voucher authentication system where you will fill in your voucher card number.
  • What speeds will I get?
    Speed are as high as 10mbs. This guarantees easy and fast downloads.
  • What devices are Supported Devices?
    You can use WiFLiX through any smart devices on supported devices, including smart TVs, game consoles, streaming media players, set-top boxes, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Where can I download the WiFLiX app ?
    The WiFLix app can be downloaded directly from our website or you can find it on the Google play store and the App store.
  • How do i get started?
    1. Visit 2. Create an account by entering your email address and creating a password. 3. Connect to our wireless network. 4. Enter scratch card code. 5. Start streaming.
  • How much is the WiFLix subscription fee?
    We have 3 packages available; Daily - 2,000 Ugx Weekly - 10,000 Ugx Monthly - 30,000 Ugx
  • How can I pay for my WiFLix subscription ?
    WiFLiX subscription is paid through purchase of our WiFLiX scratch card. Scratch cards are available for daily, weekly and monthly packages and they can be found at different WiFLix agents around Mukono.
  • Once I have purchased my scratch card, how can I access my WiFLix account to stream ?"
    1. Buy scratch card 2. Connect to the WiFLiX network 3. Enter your card number 4. Open the WiFLiX App 5. Start enjoying the best of entertainment
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